Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Winning the holiday lottery

We were, amazingly, all packed up and ready to go by 11 am. Which was both impressive and annoying, given the fact we weren't leaving until after lunch. And as our holidaying friends were traveling with us, leaving early wasn't really an option. What's a family to do in this situation? We dropped the cats to the cattery and went to McDonalds.

Friends collected, their luggage shoehorned into our bus (not quite a pantechnicon "just" a Mercedes Sprinter - space for three wheelchairs to be clamped in plus three passengers on seats and a driver. The three of us usually just fit, provided we share a suitcase), farewells exchanged and we were off.

The upside to roadworks on the M25 is that counting Diggers kept Little Fish entertained for hours. The downside is that we were on the M25 for hours for diggers to be counted...

But we got here at last, and and now we're set to stay. One Comfort Plus (adapted) Villa in the middle of a very woody forest. Surrounded by 1000 other "villas", all yellow prefab concrete things, all somehow disappearing into the woods and giving the impression, as long as we only look out of the back windows, that we are alone in the woods by a semi-frozen lake. Lovely.

Pizza last night and an exhausted collapse into bed to follow. A phonecall from Mog's neurologist suggesting we start to swap her baclofen for diazepam. She slept very well last night!

And what did we forget? Matches. Armbands. And senna. All of which is entirely replaceable. We also forgot the bookings form with all our confirmation details on it, but only got as far as the cattery (still in town) before remembering it. So I'm thinking it doesn't really count. I just smiled as I wrote this, and my top lip split, reminding me I also forgot to pack Vaseline. Parcmarket, here we come! But I'll have a cup of coffee first.


ps thanks, Becca, I'm printing your list for future reference.


MOM2_4 said...

You go girl! Great job remembering almost everything!! On our last trip, I packed for weeks in advance and still forgot things like socks and undies - oops, oh well, we needed new things anyway ;O)

Have a wonderful holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for forgetting things that are replaceable ;-)

Hope the rest of the week continues to be fab and groovy.


HennHouse said...

I agree... forgetting the replaceable things seems like not forgetting them at all...

Now to relax and enjoy holiday!

Doorless said...

You did great! I am so happy for you. We are planning a get away to an assessable cabinin July,Aug or October in one of the state parks. It is right on a lake 56 miles from home. You can only get two days in a row and it is first come first served so you have to choose three dates. I can't wait!

R said...

Yay for not forgetting anything crucial!

I've got quite good at the lists thing because I'm completely hopeless without it - packing by proxy (via a Personal Assistant) is a bit tricky because I miss out on the usual cues of spotting things while looking for something else.

Incidentally and apropo of nothing in particular I was thrilled to discover that a few Holiday Inns now have rooms with tracking hoists - hurrah!

You probably know about Changing Places but just in case anybody else reading hasn't, they're completely brilliant for planning visits and such.


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