Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dear Callers

Please note.

I have not been missold PPI. I have, in fact, never taken out PPI.

I have not had an accident in the last three years which was not my fault. Well, unless you count being run over by my daughter in her wheelchair, but as I supplied her with the weapon of mass destruction chair in the first place, I suspect I am probably to blame. All my accidents have been well and truly my own fault, and I have no interest in pursuing a compensation claim against myself. Although, I do think I probably owe myself a decent curry.

There is no problem with the windows on my computer. I have a Mac.

I would not, purely for research purposes, be interested in answering a few questions about why I do not wish to take you up on your marvellous, never to be repeated, offer of double glazing at a substantial discount.

I do not want loft insulation. I don't care if it is free; I have a ground floor flat and no loft.

I have no idea who I will be voting for in the next election.

I cancelled my pet insurance because my pet is dead. No, you can't sell me more pet insurance.

I'm very happy with my phone/television/broadband service. Well, mostly. I will not be changing to you.

And no, I don't wish to switch electricity or gas supplies either.

Dear supply company. I would have appreciated a phone call last week to let me know you are having difficulties getting hold of the Hunter 12s. Waiting until we only have one left is Not Helpful.

Dear Care Agency,
I need to know whether or not I will have care on Monday morning before Monday lunch time. I would appreciate having all our hours filled - perhaps instead of sending staff on endless shadowing visits, you could put them in at times when we have no care? I understand they need to learn the job, but why send them solo one day, and doubled up the next. And yes, you can put our carers in 10 minutes earlier in the morning, but your staff are still not going to get to Witney from here at rush hour in the time you have allocated to them.

Dear hospital, please explain why you appear to have discharged my daughter from your clinics?

So, to summarise,
Dear uninvited callers, telesales, opinion pollers and scammers, please go away. Dear people who should actually be calling, please do.
That is all.


PMDPeter said...

Answer to part 1. Register with the telephone preferencing Service. takes around 3 months to fully implement but should stop the annoying unannounced boring marketing calls.

No answer to part 2 except continue to give them hell.


Yvonne said...

9.02am - call from dentist's computer reminding me about husband's dental appointment (it's on the calender!)

9.05pm Call from India to ask how old our t.v. is...

We're with the tps but if they are outside the UK it makes no difference, they call anyway.

Here's hoping the balance tips in the favour of useful calls for you.

Tia said...

We are with TPS too - some of them apologise and hang up, others argue with me that I'm not, and others have no idea what it is. Or tell me they aren't selling things, they are just interested in whether I would like to buy things...

And then there's the automated callers. Don't get me started on the automated callers.

Aaaaand breathe!

pippinsmum said...

I sympathise, we are with the TPS, but still get calls which they insist aren't sales calls. We had the one about.'How old is your tv', but I didn't get as far s question 3 as (thankfully) I got a mobile call. One even had the cheek to tell me I needed to reregister with TPS evry six months which was a downright lie. Since the kids left home our phone hardly rings, so it's always a disappointment when it's a sales call.

Tina said...

I leave the phone On the side and let them rant away.
Agree with you on the ones who need to ring though. If Social Services don't get back to me with agreement soon then come Monday 26th a certain young lady will be taken to their office and there she will stay until we have a placement for her.

You mean there's more??? said...

We did have a little competition at one stage who could hold a telesales on thie line for longest talking about something completly unrelated to their call and staying off a sales area. unfortunately the student was so blindingly good at it we had to abandon the competition.


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