Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fun in the Park

To the anonymous commenter who asked if I knew what a happy child with CP looks like, I give you one haapy child with CP, playing with her sister.

And to those who ask why a tiger, I refer you to Matt - he left a lasting impression.

The flower is inexplicable. But beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I've seen lots of happy pictures of Mog on your blog she and little princess always make me smile.

Ashley said...

Love those dancing feet! Of course she's happy! Little Princess looks pretty happy too <3

Anonymous said...

They both look very happy.

Lisa B

Courtney said...

wow, such happy girls!! that really made me smile =) tell them I love them, from Courtney Courtney (all the way from Canada!)

MOM2_4 said...



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