Sunday, 16 March 2014

Out came the sunshine, and dried up all the rain

And Tia and the girls went walking once again. 

I do love Mog's new chair. The tray underneath holds everything, the chair itself is stable and solid. And it is pink, which makes Mog very happy. But oh, my, is it heavy! 

Six miles we walked yesterday, through town and Abbey Meadows over to the lock and weir, and then back through Box Hill and finally home via Budgens, having totally forgotten to stop in town for any of the things we'd originally left home for. Six miles of pushing a very heavy shopping trolley equivalent, with its own strong feelings about the inadvisability of turning corners. Six miles, I say again, having carefully logged the route on my phone then totally failed to manage to work out how to show it off. Ow my shoulders! 

Six miles of tLP riding her bike, and even occasionally using manual effort rather than relying on battery power. A picnic on the way home, and short meetings with at least half tLP's school friends and staff. 

And six miles, mostly in the sun, hopefully going some small way to top up both girls' seriously deficient Vitamin D levels. A very healing kind of a day, if you ignore my shoulders, which are still protesting tonight. 

And then, today, another gently beautiful day. Happy Families out in the sunshine, Benjamin posing (and stalking the nesting birds), more red kites wheeling overhead, and just the right amount of gentle sun to bring a healthy glow to Mog's cheeks. Didn't help my shoulders though; did I mention they're a little achey? 



MortimerBones said...

Fantastic! I walked less miles and loved being in the sunshine - your 6 miles is epic! Wonderful. Don't mention the shoulders!

Linda said...

So nice to see photos of your girls! Sorry about your shoulders, but sounds like a great walk (and workout).


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