Wednesday, 23 July 2008

2.51 AM

The good:
A night out - good food, good friends, good company, good fun.

The bad:
Being woken two hours after falling into bed by one small child drowning in her bed.

The ugly:
Attempts to get my brain functioning correctly to sort out the priorities - treat the fever? treat the breathing? treat the seizure?

We have emergency medication for the seizures - this is helpful. However, the emergency seizure medication represses respiratory function - this is less helpful. Choking and drowning and running a temperature can mean chest infection, so making it even harder for her to breathe isn't a great idea. On the other hand sitting seizing for hours on end isn't particularly brilliant either. Is she fitting because she isn't getting enough oxygen due to the breathing troubles, or is she not breathing properly because she is fitting? Or are the two completely unrelated and just poor timing? Masses of air in her stomach which can in itself cause her to hypersalivate, choke and drown - has that caused the problem or is that a byproduct?

Suctioned, nebulised, paracetamol and ibuprofened, she is now sitting next to me awake, fed up, and busy chewing the cud.

Oh. 2.30AM in the middle of this is not the best time to discover that your SP02 monitor isn't where you thought it was either. Nor that the large pile of suction catheters sitting in the bag with the pump are in fact just wrappers. I live alone; it is therefore most likely to be my fault. But the last people to use them were at the hospice. Hmmmm...

Norah Jones appears to be working her midnight magic and Mog is drifting off again; fairly gaspy and Sats a little low (yes, I found it, bottom of the suitcase - should unpack really before we go away again!), but much happier and no more seizures.

So as she hopefully drifts back off again, I'll ask you to spare a thought again for my GodDaughter Eve. Eve had surgery yesterday, has had her tonsils and adenoids removed as well as some exploratory surgery. She's now recovering in intensive care, and I know that Tina and David will value prayers over the next few days.

Goodnight or good morning, I'm not sure which it is - but I very much hope there's some more sleep in it for us both somewhen between now and breakfast.


Doorless said...

Praying for EVE and all of you. Glad you got things sorted out and pray you get some sleep.

Alesha said...

I really, really hope you're not awake to read this!

Praying Mog get sorted out and finds a happy sleepy place,

Praying for Eve's recovery,

So, so sorry about LF's foot. I KNOW how sick it makes you feel when you don't catch something and you feel you have hurt your child. I have been there.

You DID NOT hurt Little Fish. This was an accident.

Try to be as forgiving to yourself as you are to SO MANY others who have been graced by your merciful spirit!

Much love and prayers,

Robyn said...

ugh poor Mog..hope she was ok for the rest of the night
hugs to you all and Eve is in my thoughts xx


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