Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Kedgeree and memories

*This is a tale of two blog posts.

The first is a brutally honest, self indulgent, pondering the mysteries of the universe and thinking back to this date one year ago. But I've just done that one "live" at housegroup and I don't want to go there again. Pray for me if you will; I am sad tonight.

The second has more to do with a delightful little girl you know as Little Fish and her ability to reinforce the fact that life goes on.We cooked kedgeree for tea tonight. And Little Fish demonstrated both her ability to make masses of mess, and her ability to eat smoked haddock and hardboiled eggs whilst totally ignoring the rice and peas. Apparently the peas did taste ok once mashed with banana. Ours not to reason why.

After that (and an incident with a black felt tip pen, her face and my feet), we decided to cook a Little Fish of our own before bed
It was necessary to stir the water quite hard, to stop our Fish from sticking to the pan. Apparently bubbles and water just don't work as well as oil and Teflon.

She does have a habit of making sure we get the important things done. The important things being smiles, cuddles, new and varied ways of creating havoc.

*gratuitous second posting of this photograph (first is lower down in the text, who says I have to be linear?) as it's gorgeous and makes me smile.


MOM2_4 said...

What a wonderful picture of little fish. Looks like she is enjoying the "cooking"

Praying for you!

Doorless said...

I totally understand your sadness. So glad you have little fish to liven things up and bring the universe back around. She is indeed a delight in every way, messy or not. I am so glad you have her.

Alesha said...

It IS gorgeous, and you may be gratuitous if you like!

Praying for you on this difficult day.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too understand your sadness--But thank the Lord for the new blessing He has brought into your life. I know you do and it is obivious that you are really, really enjoying her--messes and all!

Tina said...

ALways in myhoughts and Prayrs Tia.

little Fish is so good at bringing bringing the smile back to your face!

"This time last year" is always so hard!
much love to you all

Caroline said...

Thinking of you {{HUGS}}

Gorgeous photo of Little Fish - she's a little mischief but we love her.


Robyn said...



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