Friday, 18 July 2008

Plans aplenty

A nice day according to the diary:

Mog's end of term show,
Little Fish's end of term picnic,

Mog kindly wakes me at 3AM to make sure she was up in plenty of time for her star role - the mouse bride from "A Mouse Lived in a Windmill in Old Amsterdam". I've had a peep at her costume (well shielded by her teacher so as not to spoil the surprise) and she makes a very cute mouse. This does not excuse the early start.*

So an early start, and yet despite this still not remotely awake by the time our carer arrives. A different carer to the woman we were expecting, and late. Nevermind; she's here now, Mog's awake, there are clean clothes in a pile waiting to be put away, so Mog is up and dressed.

Little Fish stays asleep. She's had a busy week, and I am enjoying the peace, so I leave her. Carer leaves, LF sleeps peacefully. Mog's bus comes, I throw her onto it, only mildly annoyed by the fact that instead of knocking on the door the escort chose to stand and wait quietly until I noticed the bus' presence - for some reason no reversing beeps today. LF sleeps.

More coffee, a clean set of clothes selected for LF, a quiet sit and some blog-chasing, and still the child slumbers on. Mog's show is at 10. At 9.40 I enter LF's room and she is still sleeping far too soundly to be woken up. Emails, admin, phone calls, more coffee and a chocolate brownie, and finally at 10.15, a small voice calling for Mummy.

With such a late start, she doesn't finish breakfast until past 11, and is definitely not going to be ready for a picnic lunch at 11.45. I consider going to the picnic anyway, but LF makes it very clear she just wants to curl up and cuddle and in her words "stay 'ere Mummy, be Mummy baybee now". Who am I to argue with that? So we have a nice long cosy cuddle and a snuggle and a munchy nibbly late lunch which turns into an early tea - if you can combine breafast and lunch with brunch then is a combined later meal lupper? dea? It was nice, and peacefully relaxing, anyway.

We are still nibbling and cuddling and singing silly songs when the phone rings at 3.15. "Hello, I'm calling from the dentist". Oops. Many apologies, and a new appointment made for the one day we are home between Special Kids summer camp and our family holiday in Italy; that'll be fun. And now a minor panic, I realise that I had told school I would be collecting Mog to take her to the dentist, school finished 15 minutes ago, have they put her on the bus or is she sitting in the classroom waiting?

Thankfully they have put her on the bus, and she turns up very pleased with herself. She and Little Fish celebrate their reunion in their own special ways - LF undoes Mog's chest straps, Mog dribbles on LF's head, they both giggle. LF lines herself up in front of Mog, Mog kicks out, LF "tells", I mock shout and they both giggle again.

I read Mog's home/school book and realise that I forgot to pack her any lunch. Oops. She's also wrapped in a blanket as she had no spare top. A wonderful blanket, totally coordinated with her spare clothes, pink and purple and very soft and lovely, but oops again.

So, no show (although nursery did send home Mog's mouse ears and veil - very very cute!), no lunch, no dentist, and I realise at 5PM I had other things planned to do in town once we had been to the dentist - no fixing of LF's glasses, no posting of documents, no collection of incontinence supplies or ordering of drugs.

Just lots of cuddles, giggles, and love. I'm not convinced that's a bad exchange. Although having just discovered that Little Fish has shredded my driving license as well as posting bits of pizza under the computer table and using her thickened drink to glue Mog's waterproof cape to the floor, I am rethinking the wisdom of having had a full day inside!

Now Little Fish is fast asleep having asked for bed at 6.30. Mog is still up and grinning at me, getting increasingly banana shaped so I will be dosing her up shortly and tossing her into bed. She says she'll sleep longer in return for staying up later but I'm not convinced she'll keep her side of the bargain. We'll see.

*the sodden, stinking, bed might though.


Tina said...

sorry you missed Mogs show will you get to see a video or pictures?

Soundslik anice cuddly day with fish though...oops on the forgottn stuff and the diving licence.
Whe I signedout from chattingwith youI promptly fell asleep so never did do anything remotely constructuve!


Doorless said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I have done the same myself. I am glad you had it.

Alesha said...

Sometimes we just need unexpected "nothing" days. If you plan for them, they're not nearly as satisfying. When they come as a surprise, I seem to enjoy them more.

I hope you can get a replacement for your driver's license!!! Our here are hard plastic like credit cards, so they're easier to hang on to.

I spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon moving around the furniture in Isaac's room - only to end up with it all back in its original location!!! Such an exercise in futility! Ugh!

Oh, well, all the dust bunnies are cleared out now!!

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderul day except for the forgotten.


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