Wednesday, 9 July 2008

You might have a medically complex child (or two) if...

When you get to outpatients, the receptionist recognises you.

The nurse weighing your child is the same nurse who did pre-consultant checks in a different hospital, the day before; and who will be going on the same holiday as you later this summer!

As you wait for your appointment, you are greeted by one specialist nurse who takes the opportunity to have a quick chat instead of making a phone call.

As she leaves, another specialist nurse (different specialism) comes up to say hello.

This second nurse is followed by a paediatrican (not your child's).

You realise that you have been in hospital for seven of the past eight working days, without once being an inpatient.

When you get to see the consultant after a 45 minute wait, you are impressed with how short a wait that was compared to afternoon appointments.

A different specialist nurse, one who knows your inability to sign and return forms, is waiting in the consulting room with a form to be signed by you.

You are given open access to the specialist ward, and you consider this to be a good thing.

Home tomorrow and back to reality. New plan of action for Mog's seizures; we are initially going to try to increase one of her seizure meds. The most likely side effect of this will be that she will not sleep. Wonderful.

But for tonight, Little Fish has settled after making hand and foot prints with someone from the BBC, Mog is having stories read to her and is alternately giggling and twitching, and I am going to swim traipse back to my flat for another quiet night.



Alesha said...

sweet dreams


Kathie said...

Greetings, prayers, and blessings from Costa Rica

Tina said...

And I can identify with so much of that!
So gladyou got the open addsso much to our confidence in trusting your own judgement!

hope Mog takes asmuch notice of side effects as Rosie...hers are supposed to make her drowsy...I hope you see as much insomnia as we do drowsiness!
glad little fish has enjoyed her time at hospice and you sleptyour last night away peacfully



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