Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Lazy Days

It is so nice to be able to do nothing. To sleep during the day, wake up, wander over to find a child for a hug*, then sit down with a new book and relax. To watch someone else wrestle with Mog's tangles, to not have to be the wicked woman who hurts Little Fish by cleaning her stoma, and to take time out from watching other people doing all this to come to a blissfully quiet games room and type this out on a computer which isn't missing any keys (yes, Little Fish has munched my laptop again).

I could get used to this. Although being denied access to xanga blogs as apparently they fall into the category of dating and relationships and are therefore banned by the service provider could get annoying!

*my own child, not some random stranger


Doorless said...

Enjoy! I am glad you have this time to relax.

Tina said...

glad you have been able to unwind some.


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