Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I apologise for eating the cake

Because it has clearly come back to haunt me.

Skipped Guides last night as too tired after our disturbed night. Into bed reasonably early, and thank goodness, as Mog started to need me at midnight. She had slipped down the bed and was coughing into the mattress. Hoiked her up the bed and left her to settle but no good - 1 AM and she was in serious need of chloral hydrate.

Sedated her and watched her calm down then staggered back to bed until she woke me again at 3. This time with a cough and a pant and a panic and a temp of 39.3c (102.7 for those who still use old money). Marvellous. More medicines and lots of comforting, and a silent prayer for temporary deafness to afflict the neighbours as I found myself playing runs of consecutive sixths on the piano to soothe her at 4AM.

It worked, she settled, and I slipped outside to admire thesein the early morning light. Should be a good crop this year.

Didn't go back to bed as she was still having a lot of seizures, so came back inside and watched her until she woke again at 6. Retook her temperature and now down to 35.5. (96f). Wrapped her up in our teddyskin rug and hoped she'd find a balance somewhere! Meanwhile noises off indicated that Little Fish was awake and ready to start the day.

Day two of Little Fish's hospital week. It's a hard life, all this assessment work
Really hard workFor part of today's assessment she even had to sit down and eat a whole cheese sandwich. Oh the inhumanity!

Had a message from Bob yesterday letting me know he'd be here today to do the gate. As we pulled in after Little Fish's assessment day, I noticed tyre marks on the lawn - signs that Bob had been and gone. I went to admire my new gate. And found thisI'm not sure what it is; it isn't a ramp, it definitely isn't a gate, it seems to be a small additional step on the deck but I'm not sure why. Its only purpose at present seems to be to make it even harder to get out of the back door than it was before. Joy.

Post this morning finally included a new date for Little Fish's op. The day after we fly to Italy for a week. Argh! So have cancelled it, making that the third cancellation, and will have to wait for the next one. Maybe by Christmas?

On a cheerier note, take a closer look at thisAnyone care to hazard a guess as to what that brown stuff is? Hint: it isn't sand or sawdust but feels a bit like both. Answers on a postcard please (or on a comment form. Although I do like postcards). I'll answer tomorrow. Or next week. Or quite possibly forget to answer at all, in which case, someone nag me.

And now I must go since although it feels like bedtime to me, Little Fish wants some serious entertaining.


Robyn said...

mashed up and smoothed out weetabix?
digestive biscuits pureed and splattered on?
fancy compost?

give up

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you have a more restful night than you did last night.
Hope Mog is feeling better.

Tina said...

Cork, Sandpaper? Looksfun whatever.
ARGH at the opdate.
Hope everyone has slept for you las night.

Robyn said...

well what it is it then?? the suspense is too much!

Anonymous said...

Do we want to know what it is?!!

Ok how about a clue - animal, vegetable or mineral?!



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