Thursday, 17 July 2008

Word Pictures

No camera today (forgot to charge the battery and left the spare in Florida with most of the memory cards) so you'll have to use your imagination. They say a picture tells a thousand words, can I draw a hundred pictures with a handful of sentences?

We passed a pet wolf today. Husky possibly? Grey and white, fluffy, huge.

Lunch with friends - nice food, good company, and two small girls playing nicely together.
Here insert an imaginary photograph - is it a plate of potato and hoummus, two toddler heads bent over a jigsaw puzzle, two peaceful cups of coffee? A sticky trail of melted ice cream, a screaming toddler not wanting to leave the house, an overly soggy nappy? Let's not be too honest, shall we?

Home, and a prettier picture for your contemplation. A silver plate, a butterfly napkin, and a stack of shortbread, brownies and Bakewell tarts. Not homemade - honesty will out - but yummy nonetheless. And, thanks to lunch with above friends, a tidy house ready for our next sets of visitors. I don't know where the dish came from; I opened my cupboard and it was there. I must get myself some silver polish and brave investigate the farther reaches of our crockery cupboard, see what else has been lying there, forgotten.

Lots of girls playing more or less together in the garden. A creaking roundabout (a better video than photograph perhaps?), a squeaky swing (ditto), a pitter pattery fountain with some clinky clanky pebbles busily being washed by several smallish girls, and just the smallest hint of rain. The scent of sweet peas and jasmine, and the stickiness of above mentioned smallish girls bindweed winding its way around the honeysuckle.

"Bread Cheese Mummy PLEASE" and some early evening mindless television with three tired people.

Two carers, two little girls, one shower, two separate beds.

And now perhaps a little imaginary soundtrack for you
A feed pump whispering its way through the last of Mog's milk. Mog snoring gently, short pauses and satisfied sighs. Little Fish's Nippy wheezing in and out. The faintest hint of an aeroplane in the sky above, and a small breeze blowing down through the chimney. The click clack of fingers hitting keys, and tiptoe footsteps creeping around upstairs.
A peaceful evening after a pleasing day


Alesha said...

I could see everything just fine. Thanks for the sharing the pictures.

I'm so glad yesterday's "Hope" post was helpful. Thanks for sharing with me.


MOM2_4 said...

BEAUTIFUL word pictures!! Sounds like a lovely day ;o)

Tina said...

You paint a good picture with I know why my mum felt she knew you in so short a time!


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