Monday, 7 July 2008

Helen House

How I love thee, Helen House!

Three nights of sleep coming up, three nights when the girls will be taken care of by other people, people paid to stay up all night and take care of them. Three days of rest and relaxation, three days when the girls will be surrounded by staff ready and willing to make them happy and comfortable, and to keep them busy. Three days when I won't have to do anything at all, if I don't want to. No mixing medicines, no changing nappies, no heaving lifting, no washing or cooking or cleaning. But all the cuddles I like (unless the girls are too busy), all the fun bits of being the girls' parent without any of the harder work.

That's the theory anyway. Sadly Mog's got hospital appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday, not ones I can rearrange, so we won't be quite as free and easy as we might have been. But just being able to walk downstairs after a peacefully uninterrupted night, collect Mog who will have been washed and dressed and made ready, and get to her appointments without having to worry about Little Fish, will be relaxation enough. I hope.

Three days with limited internet access - that's less pleasant, whatever will I do without it? I'll be testing blogger's new "scheduled post" option anyway, so don't go away... And if you see me sitting in a McDonald's with a laptop you'll know I needed my burger internet fix!



Robyn said...

ooo have a quarter pounder with cheese for me will you

enjoy your time at HH

MOM2_4 said...


Elinor said...

Go mad, have some fries with it!

Alesha said...

I pray you have fun just breathing!




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