Sunday, 20 July 2008

Picture Post.

Take one great grandmother, two grandmothers, three mothers, five daughters, five sisters, one brother, one father and one grandfather, and what do you have?
A boatload! - Oh - that works out as six of us by the way before you try to find spare excess relatives.
Today we celebrated Great-Grannie's birthday by taking a boat up the river.
Something my mother has wanted to do ever since she moved here 37 years ago.
It's pretty, the Thames.
Lots of rather nice houses.
And lots of other things to stare at watch
Peaceful countryside.
And rather jolly nice boat houses. Stuff the boats, I'll live here!
Little Fish was not convinced about the locks
Going into a dead end seemed like a bit of a waste of time to her.
And then the end sprung a leak - Help!
Apparently she wasn't the only one to worry - I want to know who put this dog into a life jacket and more importantly, how and why? Don't dogs swim?Finally much to Little Fish's relief, the gates opened and we were off again.
Not photographed here is the lock keeper in his electric wheelchair; Little Fish was impressed with him. Grannie thinks this may be a better option than dustbin man; LF is not convinced. We'll give it time.
Pretty Lock Keeper's Cottages though - she could keep me in one of them quite happily.
This boat was called the Watertight Alibi. We wondered whether this one's Alibi was less watertight.

Poor joke you say?
Mog thought it was funny!

Past more pretty houses
And lots of boat houses, the university boat houses, people walking, dogs swimming, swans congregating and Canada geese honking. Round a corner

And suddenly we were in Oxford.Time to get off the boat.

Mum had phoned the company who assured us the boats were wheelchair accessible. Not bad for a boat built in 1912; nice level access onto the deck although we'd have had fun trying to get to the saloon if it had been raining. Only two steps down into the boat at the home end too.

It was a slightly different picture at the Oxford end! These two boatmen decided not to moor up next to the ramp as "they're only children, and we'll help you carry them up the steps".
I have a feeling they may have regretted that decision once they realised how much Mog's wheelchair weighed.

Across Oxford to find a nice cafe for lunch, and I came across a worrying baby changing bench.
Intended for use by children under 12 months old. Maximum weight, 24Kilos. That's 55lbs! I know children are getting bigger, but a 55lb baby? I went by weight not age and both girls were thankful.

Home via the big red bus, and back to normality with evening stuff. I'd be grateful if someone could explain this to me though. Remember that pic of Little Fish's foot yesterday? Here's an update.
She has touched nothing, worn nothing but soft fleece slippers (no socks even, as they caused marks around her shins), she has not been hiking or kicking or moving her legs (she can't), they haven't been resting on anything. And tonight this.

I know she likes to keep my life interesting but this is getting ridiculous!


Becca said...

Eurgh! Pressure from bed, perhaps? Or... if she bumped something in her chair could it translate into force against her heel?

Now... it's got to be asked... are you in the pop it or don't pop it camp?

Doorless said...

Looks like cellulites or a water blister. Sun? Possibly allergic reaction to a plant outside? Very troublesome. Hope you get it sorted out soon. I think I would pad the foot plates on her wheelchair. Good thing she can't feel it too much.

PMDPeter said...

Pressure sores and blisters, poor circulation doesn't help. It only needs the lightest touch to set them off

Michelle said...

Oh I loved the beautiful pictures and the trip up/down the Thames. Thanks for inviting us along!

The foot, have you thought of staph? I hope its not but you might want to give a sample of the fluid for testing.

Alesha said...

Aye-yi-yi!!! That thing is huge! I thought the same as Doorless - could it be caused by an allergic reaction to something she's touched?

Your boat ride looked just lovely! I don't get to get on boats very often, but I do love them. I'm glad you all had a good day.

Be sure to let us know if you have a revelation about that little heel!


MOM2_4 said...

I'm a bit behind ~ sorry. Looks like lots going on. YAY for the hugs and cuddles. LF's foot... poor baby! Praying you can get it sorted out!!

The boat trip looks lovely! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, makes me feel like I was there.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the boat ride--thanks for the picures and commentary! Beautiful scenery.
Sounds like it was a peaceful way to spend the day.

Elinor said...

I loved your pictures, Tia. So sorry about LF's heel, hope that heals up very soon.

Robyn said...

blumming eck thats a blister and a half! presuming it is a blister?

Doorless said...

I loved the trip down the Thames. Thank you so much for sharing. It was everything I imagined it would be. My dau and SIL lived in London for a couple years and sent a few pics through but this was almost like being there with good company.

Anonymous said...

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Tia said...

Thanks for the offer, but actually I do the moderation myself - it doesn't take very long.


Doorless said...

The post from anomyous wasn't from me!

Doorless said...

This is the 23rd of November 2009 don't understand why it is coming through now?


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