Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 3

Scary stuff today. I took the van to be serviced, and drove home in a courtesy vehicle. 4 months driving an automatic and I have forgotten how to change gear. Stalling it three times before leaving the garage did so much to help challenge the mechanics' views of women drivers. Little Fish was delighted to be sitting up in the front, and encouraged me by telling me repeatedly "You a good driver, Mummy, well done another stall is funny for me." Marvellous.

I hesitate to whisper it, but the kittens appear to have entirely overcome their reluctance to use the litter tray. And, cutely, they now follow me around all day, nuzzling my hands for more fussings. I'm reasonably certain they're doing it on purpose to make me feel guilty about putting them in the cattery from tomorrow. Note to self: buy bigger cat basket first thing; there's no way all three will fit in the one we have.

Is this the boringest post on my blog? Probably.


mq, cb said...

So, where is Bob? Is he trapped underneath something heavy? Isn't this a suspiciously long absence even for Bob?

Tia said...

yes it is - I have a fairly strong feeling he's not planning on coming back. I did think about contacting him, but I realised I'd then just start expecting him and then get all stressed about his non-arrival. I can deal with despair, it's the hope I can't handle!


You mean there's more??? said...

like a building site then.....

will the place ever be finished?

Sarah said...

but LF's comment about your driving made me laugh, as someone who's constantly driving different cars (my dh owns a garage) I so know the feeling!

Alesha said...

I was just going to comment that I really enjoyed this blog...then I read your last 2 sentences! So what does that say about my level of boredom then??? LOL!!!

So glad the kitties are feeling more at home. I had not heard of the particular breed of cats, but they are just beautiful in the pics you've posted.

And I can't drive a standard transmission at ALL, so at least you were able to get to your destination (with a little cheerleading from LF!)

: )

MOM2_4 said...

LOL ~ I haven't driven a manual in years, but I love driving them... brings out the race care driver in me.

VERY nice to see a picture of progress 3 days in a row! WOW!! Enjoy your time at Helen House, and then come home to a finished project - something wonderful to look forward to!

Sara x said...

Hope the van hasnt to many problems as for a boring blog it would be better than mine which will involve sick and more sick. what a life we choose.


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