Thursday, 1 July 2010

After a long night of spasm, Mog had yet more this morning, which finally resolved itself after 2 hours of crying and writhing, at which point she moved from plank to limp and asleep.

We went to the vet this morning. And Grolly needs the remaining 2 inches of tail removing as they won't heal but will leave a little bare boned stump.

We went to meet friends. Joined the queue in the coffee shop just as Little Fish's TA rang to say could we fetch her please as she'd had five bowel movements since 9AM.

We fetched Little Fish and pondered the logistics of diarrhoea and big girl pants when you have limited sensation and no ability to run for the loo. It probably should not have taken me several hours to decide on pads.

And then the meds wore off, and Mog went back into spasm, crying and twisting and arching and being miserable until the next dose finally kicked in, at which point she slept for 20 minutes, fitted for another 20 and then sat, not comfortable, but not in spasm either, unless we stood up, bumped her chair, touched her feet or generally lived life.

And then the meds wore off again, just in time for bed...

So now she's had her regular meds plus the new Tizanidine, but can't have anything else just yet. She doesn't want cuddles, doesn't want to sit, doesn't want to lie down, doesn't want to do anything but presumably isn't enjoying being this miserable either. Norah has been rejected in favour of Joseph and his dreamcoat, but that's not much better either, she's just one frantic little girl.

And then I sit down, having posted one child into bed and carefully ignoring the festering laundry pile. And I see my brother has had a far more frustrating day than I have.


Order and Chaos said...

Hope you all have a good night. Saying some prayers and sending positive wishes for and to Mog. Have a better night little one and hope your Mummy does too.

Doorless said...

Praying the med works better as teh week goes by.. I think I remember it took a couple weeks before we saw real changes but each day she got slightly better. She is on the same med.
I tried to post earlier but it would not accept my password!
Wow! Your brother has really been having a time of it!

Sara x said...

Hope night was better, saying prayers for both your special girls xx

kitchu said...

now wondering how you all faired this night. sorry for Mog's troubles, pray those meds start to do their job soon.


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