Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Dear School

When my daughter started school, I worried; will they like her? Will they understand her? Will they know what makes her tick and see past all her wonky bits?

I go school, I 'ave friends? Who look after me?

I worried about all her medical needs, about her physical needs, about how everything she needed to have done would fit into the school day and yet leave time for learning and having fun.

I eat my dinner, I be doing lots of playing.

I wondered what the other children would think of her, how they would react, whether they would manage to include her and her wheelchair in their games and activities.

All my children like me.

I wondered if the doubters might be right, and if having 1:1 might be smothering and hold my child back from becoming more independent and well-rounded, and having more normal childhood debates.

Holly and me, we, we not 'lowed to play together acos we are getting in trouble.

I thought perhaps my daughter's energy levels would not allow her to attend school full time.

Oooohhh, Mummy, why I not go school on Saturdays?

I thought my daughter's anxieties would make it difficult for her to be away from me for the whole day.

Bye, Mummy, I see you later, KISS ME!

I saw my precious little girl growing up and starting school.

You saw potential.

You saw a child, a child with an interesting collection of challenges, true, but a small girl first. You made room for her, welcomed her, nurtured her and educated her. You celebrated her successes and helped her to see all the things she could do for herself. You gave her confidence.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Tia, that is beautiful. I am so happy for you and little fish that her first year at school has been so magical. Sarah (Ollie's Mum)

pippinsmum said...

How lovely for you, this must make it all worthwhile. It's great that people recognise her potential, and encourage it. You truly are a star Tia.

Anonymous said...

Well done school! And well done Little Fish!! And well done you for all the support, encouragement, help, teaching etc you have done to get her ready for school and help her through this first year.

Alesha said...

just lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for both of you.

Lisa B
Hampshire, UK

Doorless said...

Well, first bravo for doing a great job or preparing LF dor school and for preparing the school to see the child first and the different abilities last. I am so happy for all of you . It is a win win situationa dn you have all earned A+
so wonderful!


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