Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Friends like these...

My friend decided I needed flowers.
Pretty flowers.

Very, very pretty flowers!
And then, because I didn't collect them from the post office (thought they were something else), and so didn't know about them, and so didn't mention them to her, she thought she hadn't ordered them properly.

And so she ordered another delivery.
And now I have lots and lots and lots of flowers!

Moral of the story would appear to be, delay giving thanks and you'll get something better. No, wait, that's not a moral. Umm, be disorganised and good things will happen? Not sure that's right either. How about, I'm really happy that I have friends who, despite knowing how disorganised I am, still assume that any error is probably down to them and not to me. And I love having friends who are as disorganised as I am!
In other news, a teaser from Little Fish's day; here she is in her front row seat waiting for the game to begin. She is apparently having a wonderful time. My friend who has taken her is not having such a great time; someone has stolen her wallet.


Anonymous said...

You are surely blessed with wonderful friends x

Tina said...

oooh beautiful, the flowers and your daughter.
So sorry to hear about the stolen wallet.

sarah bess said...

ah, wonderful!


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