Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tizanidine and Toggle Switches

We increase Mog's Tizanidine today. A morning dose added. She fell asleep. I worried. I sent her to school anyway, as she was having a big communication/switch access/SLT meeting. Oh, and a wheelchair appointment to sort out a bigger footplate.

One sleepy Mog probably better than one stiff and spasmy Mog, but I worried again about how useful the switch access appointment would be if she stayed fast asleep throughout it.

I shouldn't have worried!

We now have a Toggle Switch and mount on loan for the summer, and I must dig out our old Power Link box. I'm not sure I can replicate the music, but I'm sure we'll find something she enjoys just as much!

I've also got to get to grips with Power Point as apparently she'll be able to use this switch to tell stories. Anyone fancy coming over for a tutorial?


ps - one morning dose of Tizanidine and we can get her arms up over her head, her fists have unclenched, and she's sitting fully upright in her wheelchair. Past users; does this effect last or is it temporary?


Ashley said...

Way to go on the switches Miss Mog!!!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic!!
We're at my dad's for a couple of weeks from 25th July - from there we're near enough to do a day visit and give you a powerpoint tutorial if you want... Let me know!
Catherine & Leroy xxx

k said...

wow, i am liking the results of this medication- i don't know a darn thing about it and pray it lasts.

LOVE that video!

Tina said...

so thrilled to read Mog is happy and relaxed

MOM2_4 said...

YAY! for a happy, giggly, relaxed Mog!!

Doorless said...

It works well for Alicia as long as her levels are in check. Let them drop and away it goes. I love seeing her fingers out straight jus wish those wrists would come along. Cool thing is being to shave under her arms now!
Way to go Mog with the switches. Power point! I haven't mastered it. Glad to see they are trying with her.

Pagangracecat said...

Lovely to see that video of Mog enjoying the music Tia.

Becca said...

Whee - go Mog go!

One of the communication aid programs I'm using at the moment is called The Grid 2. It's extraordinarily versatile and very very easy to customise at home, and might be a doorway for Mog to start to explore scanning and choice making from - which will lead eventually to access to language, deities willing.

Pagangracecat said...

Given Mog's diagnosis and initial prognosis it's just fabulous to see her defying all explanation and opinion. This is a little girl getting so much enjoyment out of life and it's lovely to see it - thank you for sharing it Tia and thank you Mog for being so wonderful. Praise be.

Claire said...

Horay for Mog! She'll be choosing all the music in your house this summer. Power point runs just like other microsoft office programs, just add new slides as you fill them up. It should be a doddle for you if you can use this site. When you add sounds or videos and want to use them on a different computer, then do this. Create a folder and save the original sound files and your power point presentation inside it, then transfer the whole folder to a disc or memory stick, then you won't loose them.


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