Friday, 16 July 2010

Poorly boys

Your prayers please. For one small boy who is currently in a hospital far from home, with his family but without much of an idea about what is wrong. Something is obviously very not right but no answers yet.

And for one bigger boy, one young man in fact, currently fighting hard against an overwhelming pneumonia. And for his family who were told he was doing better, and now find he is doing much worse.

Both boys have multiple disabilities, but these illnesses are not normal for either of them.



Tina said...

Still praying. Huge to both

Doorless said...

So sorry to hear about these boys and their families. Will be praying for the boys and their families.
Have a great day and enjoy LF!
Praying Mog is doing better too.

Anonymous said...

praying. (Tz lot)

k said...

prayers prayers prayers.


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