Saturday, 3 July 2010

'Alaxin' without the other peoples

A nice day today. Little Fish went to a fun day with Grannie and Grandad; Mog and I stayed on Grolly Watch. And since Grolly curled up in a quiet corner and made it very clear she wanted to be left alone, we had a nice peaceful time whilst LF burned off some of her energy. Great.

Little Fish scored a free packed lunch at the Fun Day, so she munched her way through that and then decided she'd like a nice soak in the baby bath again. So she lay back in the bath, legs overhanging one end, arms folded up under her head. And said "Mummy, I likin' this. We are 'alaxin today. I are 'alaxin' without the other peoples. We can 'alax together."

My perfect Saturday I think, 'Alaxin' peacefully with a cool breeze blowing through and just being ourselves.



Tina said...

Sounds perfect Little Fish. Hugs

Doorless said...

Sounds wonderful!

MOM2_4 said...

I could go with a nice 'alaxin' day, too. Sounds like a plan!!

Becca said...

Sounds absolutely blissful. Glad you all had a nice day and that Grollycat is recuperating.

I remember we had a brief conversation about Mog's communication and the possibility of using foot switches, and then I remembered about Candle who've helped a few friends with communication impairments. I can't encourage you strongly enough to get in touch with them and see if there's any possible way that Mog could meet them. Watching the video you put up the other day of her answering questions with her ‘yes’ sign shows really clearly that she has little if any severe intellectual impairment and that her difficulty in communicating is physical, not developmental. Which means that there's probably a solution out there, or at least the potential for one.

Becca said...

PS for cats: Zooplus have a deal on for really nice cat trees (giant scratching posts) that your mogs (as opposed to your Mog!) might enjoy.

k said...

that sounds like a little slice of paradise.


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