Monday, 26 July 2010

Chariot of fluff

It's not totally tweaked yet. But I think I'm starting to see how it might just work for her.

Meanwhile, noises off "Mummeeee, Mummeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Now I am asleep, you need to come into my room and sort me out."

Nice try...
(ps. Hi A - she is telling the truth, I really have!)


Swift said...

Mog looks nice and comfy! I think they've improved those in terms of how often the air has to be sucked out since I used to have one (I now have the wedge they make for lying, which is also good).

Doorless said...

Mog looks so comfy. She is getting tall also. I want a chair with a lamb skin!

Becca said...

You sure you've got enough fluff there, Mog?

Looks great. Enjoy!

kitchu said...

that last bit has me in stitches. i think i need some sorting out myself these days.


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