Thursday, 22 July 2010

Spasm in a Triton

Mog had some spasm again this morning.

But she's trialling a new wheelchair with a dynamic back.

And the movement of the backrest absorbed her spasm, let it happen, and then brought her back down again. And the spasm came again, and the backrest let it happen, and the spasm reduced. And again. And again. And whilst Mog was not very comfortable because spasm is painful whatever, it's a big improvement on this.

So the dynamic function is excellent. She can still use her switch, she can sit in the chair all day, and her feet seem to be much more comfortable on the foot plates which have been angled downwards to let her toes point. She's not moving her legs to accommodate her spasm; the backrest is letting her back take it instead.

It's not perfect though. It's long and big and heavy. It isn't moulded, and Mog is not modular chair shaped. It is leaving marks on her back, she's tucking one arm inside the lateral support and that's rubbing too. The chest harness comes down and puts pressure on her gastrostomy, and the shoulder straps have rubbed her neck. The pommel is too wide and doesn't come smaller, the covers are only washable up to 30C, and I can't get the headrest to sit properly with her collar. And she definitely cannot sit in it without her collar; video aside she would very quickly get her neck wedged into that gap.

Grateful to JCM for lending it out, and curious to know whether we can make it perfect. But very pleased with how well the dynamic side of things works for Mog.



Anonymous said...

I assume you've investigated the other sorts of dynamic seats/chairs? I know there are a few, and one will even allow moulded seating, though the mould needs to be done specifically so that when there is movement it can move okay.

Anonymous said...

It works in one area but yet doesnt in another. Feels like life or maybe Im just having one of those days. Hope you manage to sort it soon xxx

Tina said...

It is deffinitley a movement if not a whole step in a good direction.
Hope it is something they can improve on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tia, you have to try out the real original Dynamic Seating system AKTIVLINE (R). Hope you have heard of this !!! This allows Mog complete extension because the wheelchair is constructed for clients with high spasm all over the body.
You can have all info´r about Aktivline on the following webpage:

And you can watch some videos of Aktivline Users on youtube:

Try it out with Mog. The chair can also be with a mold, so you will give her freedom and happiness.

If you have any questions, ask the manufacturer. They are working all over the world with children and adults with cerebral palsy.


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