Tuesday, 27 July 2010

better and worse

So, today started badly with the realisation that I had run out of one of Mog's meds; one which the chemist doesn't keep in stock as it is too expensive.

But then it got better, because Mog managed to be hoisted into the new chair, and managed to contain her unhappiness until it subsided and she was comfortable.

We went off to the local orthopaedic hospital, where things got worse when the receptionist in one part of the building wouldn't accept the return of a wheelchair and wanted me to wait and track down the person who had loaned it and asked us to return it there today. It would have been a long wait as she was not in today.

Then they got better - only a ten minute wait in X-ray. And worse, because yet again the children's play area had been made inaccessible to anyone in wheelchairs due to extra chairs being placed there. And then better again, because the radiographer promised to bring it up at a staff meeting tomorrow.

And then things got better yet, with only another ten minute wait to see Mog's surgeon. Who is now happy that Mog's hips are in exactly the right place and reasonably confident that the metalwork is not causing her pain. And who then threw us for a loop by suggesting intrathecal baclofen for her spasm, reassuring us that it was a very minor op. All experiences welcome.

Then things got somewhat worse, as I realised I did not have my purse. And that it had not been handed in at any of the receptions. But better again, when I scraped up enough change in the bus to find some lunch for Little Fish as we went off to get her wheelchair repaired. And better yet when her chair was kitted out with four new outdoor wheels. Apparently she's had indoor wheels for the past two years and no one has noticed. Grass and mud might just be a little friendlier now. And much better when we got home and found my purse on the settee.

Betterer and betterer; Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang proved to be a hit with everyone, although I do hope Little Fish gets over her desire to tell everyone she is all covered in poo before we go to New Wine (Church camp).

And then hurrah for inclusive siblings; Little Fish singing songs and, unprompted, finding verses for Mog to join in with. There's something pretty special about listening to her sing "If you're happy and you know it, sit in your buggy."

More minor niggles; the realisation that Mog's Blue Badge runs out next week and I still haven't found anywhere to get her passport photos done. I haven't had the van's air conditioning fixed yet, there's Queen Anne's Lace growing instead of grass in the back garden, I don't think I have enough semi-respectable clothing left to last a week under canvas, we keep eating the food I keep buying for camp, and I still haven't checked whether the cat vomit has eaten through the tent canvas. Ought to get onto that really.

Still, on balance, not a bad day I think.


Anonymous said...

If you happen to be in the centre of Oxford there is a photo shop that will take the passport pictures themselves (i.e with a camera against a white screen rather than in a booth)

It's slightly more expensive I think but could work?

It's on Cornmarket Street along from HMV- called Snappy Snaps...

hope that helps a little!

SB x

Swift said...

I was going to say the key shop in the covered market (not that I've just been doing the same with my 19 July expired badge :/ ).

For blue badge you can print your own onto photo paper as long as they turn out the right size - they do say 'Do the photos need to be from a photo booth? No, we will accept ordinary photos, we can cut down to passport size.' on their website (just looked).

Glad LF got outdoor wheels!

Anonymous said...

Not sure I would describe as minor an op that puts a pump connected to the brain inside someone and then fills it with a drug that can kill in overdoes or in sudden withdrawal should the pump malfunction.However like eveything it has to be weighed up on individual pros and cons.

Tia said...

Have you had bad experiences with it?

I don't think the surgeon was suggesting that the process of getting the dose right and sorting the thing out was minor, more that the actual surgery involved was relatively uncomplicated - Mog does not do well with anaesthetics so length of op would be a consideration.

Obviously we'll be looking into it further before making any decision. But leaving her screaming doesn't feel like much of a solution either.

Ashley said...

Hi, Tia. The op to implant the pump into Mog's abdomen would be a quick one. The pump is then connected, via a small catheter, like an epidural and the baclofen is released into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. The dosing is very regulated through the pump, and alarms will sound when anything is wrong. I think, given the degree of Mog's spasm, this would be a great option for her.

Your anonymous commenter seems a bit alarmist to me.

Tina said...

If you have a decent photo of mog email it I can print it passport size and post it back tomorrow.
Hugs Tina

Anonymous said...

Our Sainsbury's has a dry cleaners in that I get Lumpty's badge photo's from. He stays in his chair and a very nice lady tries to take numerous photo's, whilst he continues to shake his head from side to side Stevie Wonder style! She has the patience of a saint!

Anonymous said...

Yes in terms of surgery its not a bigee -about an hour an half but very definitly a bigee in terms of potential risks.Like all mechanical/computer based equipment there is a risk of malfunction and there are recorded incidents including deaths resulting from malfunctions or dislodgement of the catheter.I also said like all things the pro's and cons have to be considered,it was the having it classified as a "minor" op that I was really trying to highlight.We are yet to make the decision.


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