Friday, 23 July 2010

Day One

Today the first official day of our school holidays. Little Fish finished on Tuesday, Mog came home unwell on Monday and didn't manage the rest of the week, so I've had both girls at home for a few days anyway, but today was when the holidays were supposed to begin.

Not a bad first day in some respects; nice weather, lunch out, civilised children, an afternoon in town and phone calls confirming delivery of new buggy on Monday and new supportive insert ready for collection. Of course I missed the cut off for collection by ten minutes, so will either have to scramble to collect it before our 9.15 appointment (at home) on Monday or else leave it until after the buggy has been delivered. Which would be a pain, since ideally I'd like the buggy to be set up to fit it.

Oh, and the reason why we missed it and why we were in town? We were seeing the GP - Mog has decided to celebrate the start of the summer holidays with a chest infection.

Chicken Pox last year; we are not missing New Wine again so she's got 8 days to get over it.


1 comment:

courtney said...

we are definitely not missing it again!!! tell mog that I say she needs to get better, and thats an order!
c x


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