Friday, 16 December 2011

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

There's magic happening in the windows of the cake shop
Little Princess climbed up on Mog's lap to get a closer view.

Father Christmasses being created from tubes of icing
Christmas pudding cakes getting a covering of custardly icing.
And an edible Albert Hall. Yum.

At home things are smelling a little seasonal, with gingersnaps and pears and Christmas candles.
Fresh pine, so much fresher when it's genuine from a tree and not masking the toilet bleach.
Last night we had one of those magical moments where I want to stop the clock and freeze time. A lovingly if not beautifully decorated tree, the Nativity finding this year's home safely on top of the piano, the playroom lit by twinkly lights and our Advent Candle, and both girls singing together - Little Princess with the words, Mog with the harmonies, and myself on the endearingly (ish) out of tune piano. Away in a Manger "Sing the Lord Jesus again, Mummy please" roundly endorsed by Mog with a big "Ahhhhh" of agreement. And so we did. And again, and again, with brief and mostly unsuccessful forays into Once in Royal or In the Bleak Midwinter but mostly coming back to the children's carol and rejoicing in its combined familiarity and wonder.

And I can't freeze time, and bedtime has to happen, and morning comes and the days go on. But if I can't freeze it, then perhaps recording it will serve to remind me of its sweetness.


pippinsmum said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing. That cake shop looks wonderful

Mindo said...

Ooh, making me homesick for the UK!


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