Thursday 15 December 2011

Reviews - your thoughts please

I occasionally write reviews for BookSneeze. It's a nice system; I choose a book from their site, they send it to me either electronically or in print. I read it, review it on my blog and on one other site (Amazon, ChristianBooks, wherever else I fancy), I send BookSneeze the links to my blog review and to the review on another site, and then I can choose another book. There's no obligation for me to write a positive review; there's no obligation actually to write any review at all - except that I won't get another book until I've reviewed the last one. Suits me; I don't get into our local Christian bookshop very often, and so I get to see books I wouldn't normally notice. Plus, I like reading. Lots.

Now I've had an offer from Thomas Nelson, offering me a similar set up and the chance to review their new Bibles etcetera as they come out. And I'm thinking this sounds good, but what do you lot think? Does it bother you if I review things on the blog? Do you like them, think they detract from things, don't care what I post as long as I post something?

From time to time I get offers from people wanting me to review things which really aren't a part of who I am - a very nice site for silver jewelery offered me a pair of earrings, but I didn't really fancy getting them pierced again. People suggest I might be interested in balloons, or mechanical gadgetry, or various bits and pieces which seem to be vaguely linked to one post I maybe wrote a few years ago, and I generally decline. Lots really isn't relevant to me or mine as an English family living in the UK. But, I've just had a nice (I think) offer from a digital scrapbooking site, offering to send me a copy of their software for review, and one for a giveaway. I know I've got some scrapbooky people out there; would you be interested if I did this? Or are these reviews just a slightly subtler way of sticking adverts on the blog?

Let me know


Anonymous said...

I'd say it is your blog-so do what you want to with it. But I do like book reviews as I like to read --well my husband might say (if he were so inclined too)--that I like to buy books. I always have several that I haven't read yet and then buy more--. It gives me a choice when I finally am able to get one finished. (If only I wouldn't spend so much of my evening time on the computer I could get lots more reading done.)
Would like to scrapbook too--need to but not motivated yet--but wouldn't mind learning about it.

Valerie said...

Reviews about stuff that genuinely interests you - books you've read, things you might use - are fine to read. The book one is particularly nice as it's something you've enjoyed (or not) and I'm pleased you got it free!
One thing to be wary of though is the ratio of reviews to your own blog - it could easily turn into a series of adverts inter spaced with a few blogs instead of the nice thing now of a series of blogs with the occasional review. Just my thoughts :)

Fiona said...

I love the thought of giveaways and am not bothered by the odd review.
Your girls are looking gorgeous, well done LP on the Christmas book and certificate.

Anna said...

Personally, if you want to write it, I want to read it. So if it's something you're interested in, then great. The only problem would be if you were dutifully writing 'sponsored' posts about products/books you don't actually care about; on other blogs, I find these posts are easy to spot and a bit depressing.


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