Friday, 16 December 2011

Little Princess, Big Prowess

It's a rare event that the Little Princess condescends to tell me anything at all about what happens at school. Today though, she couldn't wait to tell me that she'd been declared "Writer of the week."
The rest of the certificate explains that it is for excellent independent writing.

Now, at home, tLP's independent writing tends to be illegible scribbles all over the walls, new toilet chairs, tiles, keyboards, my books, and anywhere else which will accept whichever pen she finds.

So finding, tucked behind the certificate, this little book, was fairly impressively outstandingly excellent and an altogether brilliant way to end the term.
I love the sheep.


Catherine said...

Wow!! Wonderful writing!! Well done tLP
C xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing, brilliant - and all sorts of other superlatives!
Writer of the TERM I think :)
K x

Claire said...

That really is pretty awesome, I could not have done that at her age.

pippinsmum said...

Yay, well done tLP, fabulous end to the term

Mindo said...

Lovely, you must be as pleased as punch!

Yvonne said...

What a clever girl, well done Little Fish!

R said...

Congratulations, Little Princess!

I am very pleased and impressed that you are doing so well and working so hard at school. I am sure your mum and your sister are as well.


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