Monday, 6 February 2012

By order of Her Royal Highness

The Little Princess asked me to take this picture to show everyone how brave she is. She tells me "aving operation is easy peasy lemon squeezy" although I'm not sure the anaesthetist was altogether in agreement. She has been counting tubes and we think she currently has eleven. Although right now, I can only locate ten of those in my head. We'll have a recount tomorrow.

Anaesthetist said he'd try a different cocktail this time and warned me she'd "be like a teenager on a Sunday morning" for a couple of days when she woke up. I have a feeling he doesn't know the teenagers we see on Sunday mornings - unless they spend their time grunting and telling radiographers they are naughty pixies, nurses they are stinky and doctors they are just plain horrible.

I think it's safe to say she's not best pleased with any of them right now. But, she's not in pain, they managed the full op, everything which is supposed to be draining is doing so nicely. The chin strap for her Nippy can be placed so it doesn't block the central line, she can move gee head and betubed arm even if she doesn't think she can, and HDU have a Charlie and Lola story she hasn't heard before.

Here's to the bravest Princess I know.


Sara x said...

What a brave little princess. Big hugs and healing prayers.

R said...

She looks good. Having big operations isn't fun but once you've recovered having things that work better for you is BRILLIANT.

Enjoy the Charlie and Lola, Little Princess.

Anonymous said...

What a trooper--with a special mommy--to help her along through it all.

weavers&whatnot said...

Way to go Little Princess. We're very impressed with how brave you are and very pleased it's all gone so well!

Mindo said...

A brave little girl indeed!

Good wishes to all of you, hope the hospital stay is over soon.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Little Princess - definitely the bravest princess I've ever seen.

Praying for you all and for a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Great to see tLP smiling already, and issuing orders! Well done tLP x


Danni said...

She is a brave Little Princess :-)

Praying for a good recovery.

Lisa B said...

A very brave tLP. It's nice to see a smile. Hope today continues to be pain-free.

pippinsmum said...

Oh well done, she looks happy enough, long may it continue, she is very brave.


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