Wednesday 1 February 2012

by special request

It seems that the recent cute overload is causing mild ructions in places where the almighty cat is not universally worshipped.

If that's you, then here are some reasons why parts of your family may not be over enamoured of the fluffy little beastlings.
Unneutered, they may at times spray the walls.

they like to scratch their claws, rejecting the very special cat tree you have purchased for the purpose, and instead choosing your child's toy box. and their ideas of suitable gifts are not always graciously accepted.
But still, how can you resist this?



Order and Chaos said...

The first three photos are the reality, the last picture is what they like you to THINK the reality is. Bless!

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that if the 1st 3 pics happen then you cook the culprit?
K x

Tina said...

Ooh Cat Stew! Wonder if it is as tasty as Rabbit??

My three piece suite has taken the brunt of the cat scratch post rejection!

Do they really spray the walls that young and unuttered? Pheweee!

Still they have managed to steal their way into my heart...most of the time...Rats and vomit not withstanding!

Sara x said...

After spending the day cleaning up cat vomit I'm tempted by cat stew lol


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