Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Thank you, Livvy's Smile!

Bit of a rough morning - bloods needed, big green vomits, things not going quite the way they are supposed to be going.

Cuddles a comfort but not a cure. Visitors welcome but liable to be snarled at. Or possibly pressed into service for their skills in bed changing and back washing (thanks K!)

And then, a big mysterious box turned up on the ward. Scissors being used not to snip bandages or stitches, but to unseal the Sellotape, and out popped a big purple get well soon balloon! And a lovely cuddly teddy bear, and don't tell tLP but a rather nice box of chocolates for Mummy too.

And then the nurse came in, and instead of "go away, stinky", she heard "look at my balloon". And the surgeon turned up to say he is really pleased with her progress, and he got a smile and a balloon flapping in his face instead of a screech.

And the teacher, and the play lady, and myself have all been treated to the sight of tLP voluntarily moving her arm to flap the balloon and finger the teddy bear's skirt. And ok, the smile was a bit forced, but it's there, and Thank You Sara and



Order and Chaos said...

Fabulous to see a LP smile there too. Thinking of you....and of course Mog.

pippinsmum said...

Oh well done Sara! Good to hear that there are smiles despite the difficulties, praying it will soon be sorted. Hope Miss Mog is coping too

Sara x said...

I'm glad it got there ok. Big hugs to you all, enjoy your chocolates xxx


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