Saturday 21 July 2012

Totally Unsolicited Product Review

Summertime means camping time, and an unfortunate run of dates means we're going to be camping for nearly three weeks straight. We've lugged a paddling pool around with us in the past to get the girls clean, but there's little dignity in that for a fairly womanly ten year old, so I've been looking for alternatives. And came across these No Rinse Shower Caps.

The instructions say to microwave them for 20 seconds before use, but although we're taking the 'fridge and blender, I think microwave takes us just one small step beyond any hope of considering ourselves as proper campers. Especially if the only use for it would be to heat up shower camps to give a child a warm shampoo.

So, I thought it ought to be tried out cold, before inflicting it on Miss Mog in the middle of a field. 

It's a large cap and full of foamy shampoo; you can't see it escaping from the back and dripping down my neck. Plenty of space for longish hair, which is handy, as the demo photos on the sales site are of a man with man-short hair and an old lady with old-lady perm. Neither of which is either myself or Miss Mog. Or tLP actually; I suppose we might have to pin her down at some point too and get her properly clean. Advance apologies to future fellow campers.

 Definitely enough to get some rather wet hair. And apparently distort my face - possibly beyond all recognition, which would be ok by me.
 Plenty of suds left once the hair well and truly soaked and lathered, so as I was filling out the second half of the instructions ("towel dry to remove all grime and grease"), I thought I'd soak my feet.
 If it cleans hair as well as it cleans toes that have been walking up the garden path without shoes, then hair will be well and truly cleaned.
And it would seem to!

Why post a series of photos of my own hair in various degrees of wetness? Mainly because this blog turns out to be my "go to" place when I know I've put something somewhere but can't find it. So now I have the link to the caps, and I can remind my future self that the unused caps are in that greyish bag towards the foot of my bed; don't throw it away.



Alesha said...

I have never seen anything like that...looks like it worked well, though! :)

Thanks for sharing,

Tina said...

I tried them and was not impressed. I think I still have some.
The Oasis Bed Bath wipes are amazing though. I think they are made by the same people. Synergy health care?

Tia said...

Think these were made by nilaqua but not sure. There were a few different brands; I picked the cheapest!

I don't think I'd want to use them every day of my life, but I do think they'll make a decent alternative to head in a bucket when camping. And definitely easier than the nursing student plus HCA plus bucket, bowl, jug and umpteen towels scenario for next time we're in hospital. And cleaner feeling than the dry shampoos we also have in abundance.

Danni said...

I have some (I get mine from - I also get bath in bed wipes from there which are fantastic).

I have some of the no rinse shampoo as well, but it can be very messy as it's a lot thinner than we were expecting. Smells strongly of apple. I use the caps when I'm in my wheelchair and don't want to go back on the bed to give my carers proper access to my head.

I like them better than dry shampoo for between proper hair washes, which I can normally only manage every 1-2 weeks.


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