Monday, 26 November 2012

Comments from the weekend.

4 year old cousin, expelling nether gases in the way only small boys can. 2 year old cousin, gazing up adoringly, "ooo how did you do that?"

Mog, showing off her new chair.
Great Grannie, looking at the various bolts and meccano-esque pieces "Can you get a 'fridge and cooker installed on that?"

7 year old cousin, on being told not to call her brother names, even if it was "in the game;" "Then I'm going upstairs to get away from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Called-Names".

Parenting: the next generation. A new game. Small children tantrum and shout at Mummy. Mummy tantrums and shouts for her Mummy. Grannie tantrums and shouts for her Mummy. Great Grannie smiles and nods graciously.


Oh - and since family stuff probably isn't terribly interesting to anyone not family, here's a very rare picture - two cats in harmony having just spent the week in very close quarters. It won't last; in fact they're already both rooting for new spots. But in the meantime, cuteness abounds.


Anonymous said...

lol enjoyed this post Needed something to smile about.

Alesha said...

GREAT post!!!

Made me LOL!



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