Wednesday 21 November 2012

Introducing Lotty

She took her own sweet time to join our family, but I think she'll be taking part in everything she can as soon as possible.

We spent the afternoon together, and I think we are developing a reasonable understanding. She has quite an appetite; £92 only just filled her up. But I can see how much we will appreciate her.



Cobblegasm said...

Looks really good. Bet you're pleased to now be able to have mog right next to you instead of constantly straining your neck?
Much safer?

Alesha said...

Ahhhhhh...she is spectacular, Tia!!!! So glad she is finally home! Enjoy!!! :)


Tia said...

It will be great! Of course, I'm sure she'll now develop new ways of creating too interesting diversions, but hey ho...

Mama B said...

Looking forward to meeting her tomorrow!

Tia said...

Looking forwards to introducing her, but can you email me your address as I seem to have left home without it? Thanks!


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