Sunday, 27 January 2008

Blogging by numbers

1 pile of laundry, waiting to be put away,
2 sleeping children, had a busy day,
3 little baby dolls, sitting by the door,
4 dirty coffee mugs, lined up on the floor,
5 wooden puzzle pieces on a plastic plate,
6 borrowed books to read, thank you they'll be great!
7 guests have gone back home, in their big white bus
8; I forgot the guinea pig, hope he doesn't fuss!
9 is the time that I plan to go to bed
10 times I thank my guests for all they've done and said.

Doggerel I know, but my mind does silly things when I'm tired.
As a follow on from yesterday's perfect hostess post I thought I'd add something.

The perfect hostess has a guest bedroom. Or several. I on the other hand have a lilo with a slow leak, and leave my guests to spend the night on a cold hard floor. Sorry folks! Hope you aren't too stiff this morning. Oh, and the perfect hostess provides a peaceful and calm atmosphere, conducive to sleep. I supply a screaming sobbing fitting child, and a mother muttering imprecations under her breath as she stumbles through the house in the wee small hours searching for medications.

A good weekend (for us at any rate! I hope so for you too). And just the distraction I needed before Little Fish's surgery later this week.


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Tina said...

we ha such a fanasic weekend. So much easier to relax when your host can drop eerything to help with the difficulties, can totally igor a situation where manners re being instilled and then fulfil a promise without undermining Mum.
Hey the bed a minor irritation but the inco sheet we found??? D got it to pad his hip...bit sore when the bed gave way but the inco sheet worked a treat and he slept fine then! My hands and feet are the bits i need to protect whatever possessed me to open that bottle you couldnt is beyond me but I did it which was an achievment if a foolish one! Gunea pig reinstated in bathrom with chinchilla's still only two!
Cannot begin to thank you enough for the friendship and fellowship, It was so good to hear D and you chatting away at lunch yesterday, I hope you didn' feel excluded from our end of the table! There are few people D offloads to like that! I hope you weren't bored! LOl
have to confess to reading one of your books whilst cuddling Mog and I left it out!!! sorry!
all our love!
Tina and Gang


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