Tuesday, 8 January 2008

IKEA in pictures for Alesha

These boxes are BARNSLIGThe pink ones are fabric covered card, and are STRIKT. We went for pink for our princess, but they also come in beige, chocolate, and lilac.

The 50ml syringes are in the tin Mog's new boots came in (no photo of the boots as she's in school and I'm not!).The princess box on the right has Mog's incontinence supplies in - it didn't come from IKEA but was a gift last Christmas. Mog's special formula milk now fits into the bottom of her wardrobe, because everything which didn't belong to her is now in one of these boxeswhich are SAMLA and have rather handy castors on the bottom. They will be dumped stored in the garage on the new shelving Bob built last week, and I have enough of them to store all the spare feed and incontinence supplies too, just bringing out one pack at a time instead of having a months' worth or more kicking about the house.

This is Mog's new lampshade, or will be when I have managed to get it installed.It is a KAXIG pendant lamp. And will go beautifully with her overall princess theme and castle. The one thing we failed to get was a CD rack to go under her new CD playerwhich looks pretty good at the edge of her mural. Note to self: get those cables tidied up properly. The rack will ideally fit down the right hand side of the wall and cover the gap.

Then we also bought these smaller GLIS boxesand these magnetic tins
which I'm not entirely sure what to do with! Sorry, can't find the tins online.

Finally, a pic for Trina tooHere is the newest section of fencing Bob has built.

In less pictorial news, having confirmed our appointment yesterday, I got up long before dawn to get Little Fish ready to go. Mum took time off work to wait for the school bus with Mog, Little Fish had a little weep at the earliness of the hour, but we did nevertheless manage to leave on time, find the perfect parking space, and get to the outpatient's department in plenty of time to grab an Xray before our appointment.

So I suppose it was inevitable that the secretary could find no record whatsoever of Little Fish's appointment, telling us instead that we had an appointment on the 15th. Now this is when Mog has an appointment with the same Dr, so I suspect someone has helpfully combined both appointments for us. That much makes sense. What does not make sense is not bothering to inform us (or the appointments department) of the change in plan.

We drive home, steaming. However as we get towards home I realise I can now drop Little Fish off at school for the morning, and therefore have two hours to myself a whole week earlier than I thought I would. What will I do with all this free time? The laundry? The rest of the tidying up from yesterday? Or pour a nice cup of coffee and catch up online for a bit? I'm guessing the appearance of this posting will answer that for you all!

If anyone has suggestions for what to do with the magnetic tins and GLIS boxes I'll be interested. We're now looking for a nice shallow CD rack still, and some sort of storage solution for the bathroom. Mission organise has begun, one room at a time.


Trina said...

LOVE LOVE the metallic tins Tia! Alesha....I found em online girlie! Go here


I also find a sight that said Target was selling them in their dollar bins at the door but not sure how old that was. Might be worth a try if you have one close.

I'm still LOVING the princess room Tia :0)

Talk soon!
Trina :0)

Tina said...

all looks good...I use those plastic boxes with castors for my baking suff in the kitchen...unforunately they are not mouse proof!
Ika do a real neat wooden rack that may fit your space...but I may be 48 hours too late with that info!


Lauren said...

I love those tins. Just wish I could think of a reason to buy some!

Tia said...

Lauren - I have a reason for you, you need to buy these tins and stick them on your 'fridge so that I'm not the only one with a set of empty tins stuck on the 'fridge!

And Tina - I don't think you have these boxes in your kitchen unless you've been building on - you could get at least three children in each box and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fit in your cabinets. Hmmm, three children in each box, have I just created new bedrooms and if so can I convince social services to send me new children?

akconklin said...

YAY! I love the boxes!!! Those are exactly what I've been looking for.

And the tins made me gasp out loud. I turned the laptop around, to show my hubby, and he gasped too!

I think you can be pretty sure that there will be several frigs around the world with empty tins stuck on!!!

THANK YOU so much for sharing the pics!


Tia said...

Hurrah, we started a trend!

I'm liking Mog's new bedroom. It now takes me just 2 minutes to sort it out once our carer has left; clothes to the washing machine, rubbish to the bin, plastics to the recycling box, straighten out the bed and close the wardrobe door and we're done and it's tidy. Unfortunately that seems to have come at the expense of the whole of the rest of the house, but baby steps... Not sure which room to tackle next yet. Probably the bathroom - it's safely small.



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