Sunday, 20 January 2008

Scene from my settee

I'm thinking car mechanic? Pot Holer? Monster under the bed? What do you think of her future career prospects?

And look at that little drawn up leg. Looking at it like that, bent up, twisted out, shorter than the other one, it's obvious that it is dislocated. Why didn't we notice it before? Well, because it's been like that for months. And we have had it x-rayed before, in that position, and it has been absolutely fine. Still, I can be thankful. She is not in pain. It does not bother her at all. She is more mobile than ever before (witness her explorations). And she is my daughter.



Doorless said...

She reminds me so much of Amber. I once had a OT here and we were setting up a program on Amber's computer for her when we noticed it was very quiet and went off looking for her. We found her clear in her bedroom under her bed trying to figure out how she could get into it. She had herself stuck and it took the two of us to get her unstuck!
I too would have missed the hip issue being as she is so active and no pain. She is a doll and I can tell you are really enjoying her very much. I am so happy for all of you.
We are still waiting while papers get shuffled from one desk to another and now rest in a pile of end of the year reports and beginning of the year reports. UGH! Never had one go this slow. God is till teaching me patience in waiting.

Anonymous said...

LOL -- maybe she is practicing to be a dustbunny collector ;o)

Don't beat yourself up about the hip. It would be hard to catch!!

Hugs & Prayers, Laura

Rx said...

lol on the position..hugs on the hip xx


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