Monday, 21 January 2008

Broken Record

"You need to stop when you hit something, especially if it's me"
"Back up and go around"
"You need to STOP when you hit something, especially if it's me"
repeat every five minutes until the school bus comes.

Little Fish has no feeling below her waist, she genuinely doesn't understand why running over my feet hurts me. I could show her the bruises but she thinks they are pretty and I don't want to give her ideas!

How is it though that my conversation seems to be commands - the above conversation, or variations including "Please close the spoon drawer, put the spoons back and close the drawer, pick up the spoons and put them back, then close the spoon drawer", or "Turn off the taps, turn off the taps, turn off the taps and come away from the sink (insert above stop/back up conversation here)" whereas Little Fish's own efforts at repetitive conversation include "I need a cuddle" "I need a kiss" "I need a squeeze" "I need to go WHEEEEEEE!"? How does she get to be the cute one and I get to be the boring ogre issuing decrees and stopping her fun?



Tina said...

Sorry Tia but you are grown up...much as that may be hard to accept you are the grown up Fish is the child and that's the way it is!


akconklin said...

tee hee hee...yeah, but one day you can also say "because I said so, and that is final!" :-) Won't that be fun?!!!

Now, for a bit of fun NOW, I read the blog of a lady from here in the states. She and her family are staying over there in Cambridge while her hubby studies or teaches or something. Anyhoo, I thought you might get a kick out of reading her take on your country.

Right now she's mourning the lack of "cheetos"!!! LOL!

Here's the addy:

Enjoy! (and thanks for your sweet comments. I appreciate them so much. I'm practicing "it'll be lovely when it's done".)


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