Monday, 14 January 2008

A tale of three mugs

Once upon a time I went shopping. I found three big coffee mugs, beautiful, restful, comforting mugs with great big handles. I used these mugs as inspiration for my kitchen re-vamp, choosing cupboards and worktops and tiles which matched the mugs (didn't realise that until later, when I unpacked the mugs after redecorating).

Each mug has a word written on it. Hope, Dream, and Imagine.

My Imagine mug shattered a year ago. Maybe just as well, since I'd never have imagined everything the past twelve months would bring.

This morning I made coffee in my Dream mug, and watched as the contents dribbled through a large crack in the side and covered the work surface in hot coffee. Quite symbolic too actually; my dreams for this past year have not included quite a bit of the reality we've face.

But I still have my third mug. Imagination has been shattered and Dream has been chipped away, but Hope lingers on. My Hope is on the Rock, my eyes on the Cross. Tia


Tina said...

Seltered o're Sheltered o're
in God's Hand for ever more.
No Foes can harm me,
no fears alarm me!
I am safe for evermore!

Your words just reminded me of that chorus I used to sing as a child. OK So I used to sing
Shut the door
Shut the door!

BUt actually I feel that is quite appropriate now too. Shut the door and leave me nestled safe in the Everlasting Arms.


akconklin said...

Ooooo, amen, girl!!!! As the young preacher-boys at my college used to say, "That'll preach!!!"

And, thank God, our hope is built on more eternal stuff than pottery!

That reminds me of a song too:

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly lean on Jesus' Name.

(I found the author's story here: )

Standing right there beside you,

Anonymous said...


Hugs * Prayers, Laura


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