Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Paranoid, me?

You never know who might be watching.

Trina and I have been chatting about crocheting. Lots. Trina has of course been a busy bee, beavering away at making some beautiful beanies. I have been sitting stabbing my crochet hook into my wool and muttering incomprehensibles under my breath. Figuring out the difference in US/UK stitch names helped somewhat. Translating the hook sizes helped a huge amount. And finding left-handed instructions helped even more. Unfortunately (for my bank account); I then realised that US "Worsted weight" is in fact UK "Four ply". Not Super Chunky or even doubleknit. So none of my yummy new wool would be right (setting aside the minor "needs to be cotton" issue).

Since Little Fish was in her powerchair, we couldn't visit our local wool shop. Instead we drove to our nearest HobbyCraft . Which just happened to have a sale on. Oh dear. Choosing to view this as an opportunity, I stocked up on cheap and irritating complicated craft gifts for children we don't know yet presents for future Birthday and Christmas presents.
Mum always had a box of gifts on the top of her wardrobe; little things like stickers and transfer sheets, and larger things so she was never at a loss when an unexpected Birthday came along. Now I have one too. Did find some wool too - thankfully the choice was very limited, so I came home with just a couple of new balls.

The next day, I took Little Fish into school for another medical appointment. We've had a lot of them this month. As I walked into the classroom, the physio stopped me. "Hi Tia, I just thought I'd let you know, I'm crocheting flowers for a project this week, would you like me to show you how?".

How does she know?
Paranoid, me?

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Tina said...

Hmmm I have this hillarious vision of Little fish chatting away in school and teling people how her mummy gets really coss with wool and a funny hook!

No idea how the girls have their sixth sense though!

paranoid...its one of the requisites of parenthood


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