Saturday, 19 January 2008

How does she know?

Last night, I settled Mog into bed, in a very happy giggly mood, put her music on, and pottered about the house doing a bit of a tidy. Then sat down at the computer and pootled about on the 'net for a while, had a nice long bath, read in bed. During all these activities, noisy and quiet, I could hear Mog's sleeping breaths - there is no sweeter sight than a child asleep at night. All calm, sleeping sweetly.

I turned off my bedside light and she began to cry. Now there is no way she can see any light in my bedroom from her bedroom, and it's a silent switch, I was already in bed when I turned off the light, and had been for a while. Yet this is something she manages on a regular basis. How does she do it?

So, light back on, sorted her out and made her comfortable again, gave her some sleepy medicine, popped her music back on and crawled back into bed. Peace.

This morning Mog woke me up fairly early (very early for a Saturday!) crying and uncomfortable again. So I sorted out her morning medicines and tried to resettle her; not going to happen. Lots of cuddles, lots of rocking, and some really fantastic communication - she told me she was feeling sick, tummy ache sick, and also her hips were hurting. So dosed her up with some painkillers, laid her out on the settee to empty her stomach for her (she cannot vomit orally), she then wanted a blanket and settled back to a beautifully peaceful sleep.

I watched her for a while, carried on with my computering, put some music on, turned it off, generally alternated between early morning pottering and sitting quietly. And then decided it was definitely time to get up properly. The very instant I stood up to get dressed, Mog woke. How does she do it?



akconklin said...

I don't know how she does it, but I DO know that was some really great communicating today! Wow!

It is such a guessing game with them some days, isn't it? BUT on those wonderfully rare days, when the seizures allow them, they DO KNOW what they want!

I really LOVE those days, too, because I get brief glimpses into the little human being that is my child. I see what is important to him, what he feels passionately about. Then on days when he CAN'T communicate, I have a better idea of what will make him happy and let him rest easier.

I'm so glad you had a good "talking" day with Mog. I'm sorry her tummy didn't feel good, and I'm praying she'll be feeling back to her old self soon.

RYC: they plan to put on us a formula called "Complete" and suggested a book about homemade formulas because I asked about that. Can't wait to give him "real" food for a change!

As to her knowing when the lights go out and when you are ready to get dressed for the day - you know these kiddos are just SO tuned into us. I think God gives them a sixth sense to make up for the ones they can't use very well. It's "mommy-sense" and it knows EVERY time you are not 100% focused on them!!! :-)

Way to go, Mog!!!

Tina said...

Well you know how far our room is from the girls room and they are just as good at knowing the moment i switch off!

Hope Mog felt better through the day!

Anonymous said...

Josh does the same thing! Must be a sixth sense as Alesha said. ;o)

Sorry Mog is not feeling good, but WOOT on the communication!!! Praying she is feeling better by now.

Hugs & Prayers!! Laura

Rx said...

shes attuned to you! is that the right word? i dont know..hope shes feeling better today xx


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