Thursday, 24 January 2008

spina bifida, cerebral palsy and the joys of googling.

Every so often my stat counter informs me someone has found my site by searching for certain specific terms.

To the people who found my blog by hunting for information on toblerone brownies (lots of you!) hello and welcome, hope the recipe worked well for you.

To the people who find me by searching for salacious pictures, shame on you. I hope you realise your searches are recording, including information on your ISP and location. If you must do it, at least don't do it from work. And don't visit here.

To the person who came here looking for information on life expectancy for children with spina bifida, the person who wanted to know about babies with cerebral palsy screaming, the people who come looking for information on children with night-time ventilators, chest infections, children's disability equipment, hip surgery in childhood, I hope you found what you were looking for. If you haven't, then do please leave a comment or contact me through email - I don't promise to have the answers you're looking for but at least we can share the questions.

Meanwhile, if any of you - regular readers or first time glancers or whatever - have any ideas on how to persuade Little Fish that my lunch is not her favourite toy and that all the many toys she has, and failing that, the spoon drawer, would be a preferable thing to be fiddling with, I would be grateful.

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Virginia said...

I just love new pans and pots. I have been buying one at a time. I only cook for myself very little so a whole set is not justified. You know you are not a cook when you have a dusty stove top vs a greasy one.
Mine is dusty!!!
I was thinking a nice beef Stew and dumplings or corn bread and home made chunky applesauce.


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