Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Why those tins will stay empty

She thinks they're great. I'm still thinking there must be something I can use them for.
Noises off as I post this: Little Fish has emptied the cutlery rack from the dishwasher into the spoons drawer. She has decided that completion of this task gives her ownership of the spoons drawer (I thought it was a cutlery drawer, and had more than spoons in it, but what do I know?) and is busy shuffling the spoons (some of which look remarkably like forks and knives (no not sharp ones) to me) around. Periodic silences as she pootles away from the drawer to find me, then heads back to the drawer to shuffle some more.

Remember the picture at the bottom of yesterday's post? The one with the swingseat on its own piece of decking? Here's how it looks after Bob and Mate have spent the day improving thingsI told you he was a perfectionist. It's not just the extra step, look closely at the edges and compare them with the ones which I thought were ok yesterday.

Today's appointment was rather more successful than yesterday's. They were expecting us, which is always a good start. First job at this appointment is always a weigh-in. I have been complaining about this for years. As Mog cannot sit or stand independently the only way to weigh her has been for me to stand on the scales and be weighed myself, then to stand there again holding her, and subtract my weight from our combined weight. A process which has me holding a wriggling child and involves my weight being shouted about the room as the nurses double check their mental arithmetic. Not dignified. Every appointment, I start my little spiel about how inappropriate this is. This time, as I started, they listened, and then grinned and brought out their new mobile hoist with built in scales. Hurrah!

The Dr was waiting for us and collected her notes from the nurse as we were hoisting Mog about - a huge change as normally we wait for hours - if I tell you that our appointment was at 10 and that I packed a lunch for the girls then that should give you an idea of our usual wait.

On through to the appointment and we have decided to try to withdraw one, possibly two, of Mog's many medications (the many medications of Mog might make an amusingly alliterative blog entry one day, failing that I'll just try to say it three times quickly). So now we're on seizure watch for the next few months. It'll be a very slow withdrawal; the aim is to have Mog off the medication by the time we next see her neurologist which will be in six month's time.

All this and only an hour's parking to pay for. A good day.


Tina said...

Yes love the vertical edging! Looks very good though.
hope the medication withdrawal goes well without an increase of siezures.
I hate seizures!

Anonymous said...

The swing deck looks lovely!!

I also LOVE all the cool storage in the previous post - IIna!!



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