Sunday, 6 January 2008


Want proof that Bob is a perfectionist? We needed a ramp from the new french windows in the sunroom out to the garden. At the front door and kitchen door, we have simple concrete ramps which took a few hours to create, a day to set, and then done. This was not good enough for Bob. He's been working on our "ramp" for a few weeks now.
Notice the horizontal piecing of the wall and the mitred edges? Please notice them; they took a long time to make.

The photo below includes the additional piece of decking he insisted on building in the corner to disguise the fact that the new piece of fencing he is building won't match the older fence to either side. I suppose I should be grateful for the fact his perfectionism has not led him to rip down the whole of the fence! And yes, this picture is to scale; the new ramp and associated decking does indeed take up more than half of the garden. That upturned black plastic thing in the middle is the water reservoir for Mog's fountain.

Predictions for when it might actually be completed?


Anonymous said...

Oh Tia, it IS lovely, but as to when it might be finished.... depends on when he gets to taking out ALL the fencing to make it match...hehehe. SORRY!!


Tina said...

well Bob's work is beautiful and may be pefectly finnished off but once they have got down this ramp there is little garden to actuall access...I do wonder where you will plant those plants his wife is growing for you???

Please be careful on the ramp in the frost C is sporting a lovely bruise on her rear from slipping on our deck!


sandy x said...

wow its fab ! .. theres plenty of room for plants i think .. and the fountain will be lovely ..I know its taking time but i foresee a beautiful transformation emerging since my last visit!
i second Tina on the slip warning .. my knee has *almost healed now but i still have the lump on my skull to prove that when its icy decking can be dangerous!

Well done Bob ! .. Im predicting it will be finished by half term .. you have to tell him i said that too .. might give him some motivation to know that we have great faith in him . *cough*


Rx said...

ooo i like!


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