Saturday, 11 October 2008

Adding in the yum factor.

So, the speech therapist wants Little Fish to have her food pureed in different sections.
As predicted, this enables Little Fish to eat the chicken, slurp the bread sauce, and ignore the minted beans and potatoes.

Little Fish has been exploring the word "not". If something is too far away, "I not reach that Mummy". Is it bed time? "I not in bed in a minute Mummy". What are we doing today "I not in school today".

So today Little Fish took her little plate and pushed it back to the table. "Now finish the green bit please" was my scintillating comment.

"That is NOT YUMMY" came the response. How do you argue with that? I tried to persuade her, she beetled off to the kitchen and came back with a plastic spoon "Mog wants it Mummy". It's nice to know she thinks of her sister...

Having accepted that I wasn't going to feed her leftovers to her big sister, and nor was I going to raid the 'fridge for a yoghurt until she had had at least some of the greens, we were at an impasse. It was at this point that Comeback leapt up to the table, showing surprising dexterity for a cat of his advanced years, and began to reduce the pile of green from a mountain to a medium sized hill. Little Fish watched him, whizzed back to the table - which sent him leaping back down to his chair - picked up the plate and shovelled the greens into her mouth as fast as she could and before I could disentangle myself from Goway and the computer.

So what I'm wondering is, is this actually worse than allowing a great slimy dog to slobber all over a child's face? And if it isn't all that awfully bad, would it be acceptable to allow the cat to munch other food to get Little Fish eating it? And, as a side note, why is it that my cats prefer vegetables to meat - I had another cat who would ignore turkey but go made for brussels sprouts at Christmas.



Robyn said...

well if it makes her eat it, who cares! lol

btw one of my cats LOVEs cheese, and crisps...both like to chew plastic too....

i think cats are strange, full stop!

Claire said...

That sounds just like my cat! He also likes to eat white soap, it is very disturbing to find a cat tongue shaped dent in the middle of a new bar of soap.

Becca said...

I say it's absolutely excellent, good for her immune system and self esteem (eating it off her own bat), not to mention your mental welfare from not having to conduct war over the greenies every day.

I might be getting a PEG quite soon - I follow LF's battle against the crusties with interest.

Tia said...

Are you still ensconced in the nursing home Becca or have you been liberated yet?

LF had an NG tube for nearly 3 years so thinks even the crusties are better than that. Mog likes the fact that she doesn't have to bother about drinking any more. I hope that if you do get one it is as useful as theirs and as trouble-free as Mog's. Makes wheelchair straps and waistbands a pain though.

Immune system, I like that one. Can I use it as an excuse to avoid cleaning the house and changing the bed sheets too?


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