Thursday, 2 October 2008

Let Sleeping Mogs Lie

Well goodness me. Mog has fallen asleep, without the aid of chloral hydrate, without diazepam, without being rocked and swaddled and comforted. Gentle singing and the painkiller/anticonvulsant cocktail was sufficient.

OK so she's in her armchair, not her bed. But if you think I'm moving her, you're crazy!

The lights are dim, the chair is comfortable, she's strapped in and I will recline her gently as she falls deeper asleep.

Meanwhile here's a mog of a different kind.
Taking advantage of the fact that our own Mog won't be using her bed tonight.
Success all round I'd say.

And thanks to Tina for the title!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful peaceful pictures.
My Alicia is also a loud vocalizer at night before she settles. Low seizure activity. She used to be much worse and screamed day and night.

Elinor said...



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