Wednesday, 29 October 2008


In the park this afternoon, to a 4 year old boy "How are you?"
"I do not exist today". OK then.

Little Fish is worried that the cats will get bored and has decided they need stimulation.
Goway does not think much of this plan.
I have taken this much peelings to the compost bin.And stewed up this much apple for pureeOnly to discover this many apples waiting once more to be choppedAnd this many still to fall.
My freezer is full, my fingers are sore and the girls are rebelling against daily applesauce.

Meanwhile, Goway is beginning to play again. He is fascinated with the cord from my dressing gown, and likes to tug and tug at it. This is entertaining in the evening, but embarrassing when our carers come in the mornings, and downright disconcerting when the postman is at the door. Perhaps I should get dressed occasionally. To prove that I do, at times, wear clothing and abandon my dressing gown, I thought I'd share this picture.
Goway pulled and tugged and pulled and tugged the cord the other day, until suddenly the whole dressing gown came to visit him. At which point he leapt two foot into the air, did an impressive double back flip, and bolted. It hasn't stopped him trying again and again to kill this thing.

I call the above pic "I fought the cord, and the cord won".

Little Fish is branching out into moving pictures. Excuse the mess. You'll need your sound up to appreciate it properly.

And there you have it, odds and ends from a fairly bitty day.


Alesha said...

What is LF saying on the video? And Doug has always said if we could somehow bottle those giggles, we would be millionaires! :-)

So cute...

And kudos to you for at least trying to keep up with the apples! I don't know if I would've gotten that much accomplished!

And LOL at Goway!!! Was he trying to get out or trying to hide???

And, btw, the "cold" here yesterday was mid-40's to mid-60's, with the same today. Last night might have gotten down to high-30s north of here, though. That's very chilly indeed for October in Florida!!!


Tia said...

She is saying "Is it talking now? Is it talking now? Is it talking now? Oh no, talking now?"

She was playing with the video and most entertained when it talked back to her; she hasn't quite got the hang of playing back vs recording!


Sara x said...

So cute,im glad someone else enjoys their dressing gown xx

Elinor said...

I like the Star Trek wobble effect.

Abi said...

Erm, that photo doesn't actually prove that you get dressed; merely that you take your dressing gown off sometimes! However, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in this case ;-)

Robyn said...

love the video and can hear Mog laughing/talking in the background..
cats and things that dangle huh?
my stupid mc decided that attacking the cotton attached to my needle was a good idea when i was trying to sew the other day (yes i did sew something!)..not once, but twice and nearly got a needle in his eye for his troubles

tell LF i think she is a fab videographer!!


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