Friday, 3 October 2008

More Google Goodies

Saucepan out of hours number - What is this? "Quick, I have a saucepan related emergency, help. help?"

More Shuffle Trouser. What are shuffle trousers? Please, whoever you are, anyone, share with me what you're looking for here. I might even be able to find you a pair if I know what it is you're after.

Common Uses for mometasone furoate cream usp. I have no idea. Never heard of it, had to cut and paste to spell it, never used it, and to my knowledge, never blogged about it. Until now at least - anyone care to enlighten me?

Upsy Daisy Cake Tin. Now there's an idea. Did you find one? Let me know where if so, I suspect Little Fish might enjoy that.

Keys do bananas. Pardon?

Some celebrities and their emotional breaking points. I cannot begin to imagine how you found my blog whilst searching for this. I suspect we were a disappointment though, sorry.

Names for two cats. Comeback and Goway are inspired. Little Fish will accept all royalties due for use of the names. Just incase you're interested, there were other pairs of cats at the sanctuary, Tea Leaf and Tea Bag were two rather fetching white kitties being collected as we picked up our two. The Major and The General were waiting for homes. There were quite a few Sootys too - I'm thinking you could probably add a Sweep or a Sue if you wished. Thing One and Thing Two are appealing to me too, for identikitties.

Hotwheels Forever. If you say so. I prefer Swallows and Amazons myself.

Technique tawel wormer. Lumping this one with shuffle trousers and keys do bananas and nomintating it for the Huh? award.

prevent thumbsuck for babies. Why would you want to? Babies are born to suck things, if they're not drinking, what would you prefer them to be doing? Sucking a thumb or screaming? But if you really can't bear the thought of your baby sucking a thumb, I suggest you give them something else to suck instead. Thumbs are handy though - you are unlikely to leave the thumb at home by mistake, or drop it into a muddy puddle in the middle of a mainroad. And they are unlikely to wear out either.

upstairs neighbours must check drainage in bathroom

leak on inside wall from next door neighbours. I'm lumping these ones together. It's so reassuring to know I'm not the only one with issues.

what's a pizza eater? Well, i'm not one hundred percent certain, but I suspect a pizza eater is one who eats pizza. If you learn otherwise, do please come back and enlighten me.

I do like my statcounter. Please excuse any oddly spaced paragraphs; Blogger is doing some odd things to it tonight.


mq, cb said...

Was intrigued by the idea of the cake tin and so googled about it for a bit but this is the most useful/helpful thing that I came up with; an idea for how to make your own and a Tesco's option if all else fails.

Almost American said...

Ooh, you do get some interesting ones. Mine seem to revolve around smarties vs M&Ms. The most interesting recently were "What is the best decision?" and "What is American time in British?"

Alesha said...

LOL, Tia!!! I can actually help you with one of these: "common uses of mometasone furoate cream"!

This is the cream I recommended to you for LF's g-tube site. It's what we use on Isaac's if it starts looking red.

So apparently, Google hits your comments as well!!!

So glad to be of assistance - with one of them, anyway! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

shuffle trousers are big baggy trousers with iluminous colours and iluminous trouser braces attached to them


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