Thursday, 30 October 2008

Good news

Today we were up at our Orthopaedic Hospital, to see Little Fish's spinal consultant. We got there on time, impressing the receptionists by turning up not just at the right time but also on the correct date. It's been a while since we managed that. And, a mere hour and a half later, we got to see the doctor.

Little Fish's scoliosis has not progressed at all in the past six months. In fact, May's Xray showed a 31 degree curve, today's showed a 26 degree curve. Her kyphosis looked worse but measured the same. They think it is not aggressive (although that may change), they hope to avoid surgery until she hits puberty (in May we were told she wouldn't be able to wait that long, it's better to wait until puberty if possible because once the rods are in, the back doesn't grow any more), and in the meantime, and in a complete turnaround from our last appointment, Little Fish is to be as active and as mobile as she possibly can be. The more moving around she does, the stronger her back muscles will become.

Good news for Little Fish - one less op to worry about for now, and no restrictions on mobility and independence.

Good news for me - I can let her use her manual wheelchair as much as she likes without worrying that she's damaging her back by doing so.

Good news for nursery - she can carry on using her manual chair there too, and transfer to other chairs as necessary.

Big thanks to our physiotherapist who gave up what would have been a day off to come to the appointment.

So, one condition we can stick firmly to the bottom of the list of concerns. Won't necessarily stay at the bottom forever, but I'll take good news for the next few months over bad any day. Now to figure out why both girls have been puking tonight, and why Little Fish has been choking on all her food today. It can't possibly because I told her paed yesterday that she had been doing really well, can it?



Tina said...

Brilliant news from the orthopod...what a fantastic Physio.

Hope the puking and choking are shortlived issues.

hugs and prayers

Anonymous said...

Great news! I am so pleased that Little Fish can continue to use her new chair.

Hoping that the puking and choking are shortlived too.


Elinor said...

Wow, that's great news!

Hope the puking/choking is strictly temporary.


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