Saturday, 4 October 2008

Little Little Fish Things.

We went for a drive today, stopped at a garden centre/farm shop combination thing, and had a bit of a potter. Bought a lot of bulbs in the garden centre, a bit surprised to see firstly that they had all the Christmas decorations out already, and secondly that we have left it too late (once again) to plant indoor hyacinths if we want to have them flowering at Christmas. Ooops.

So we went to the farm shop, where I found these biscuit cutters. And passed them to Little Fish who gave them the smile of approval. We came home, and I started gathering the ingredients to makes some nice gingerbread biscuits, a sharp lemon icing, and picturing the mess fun we would have squirting coloured icing to make doors and windows etc.

And then I remembered that Little Fish isn't allowed to eat biscuits any more.

And so I put the ingredients away and had a little "life is awful and everything is stupid" moment.

And then I picked myself up, and thickened up some of the Sunshine Soup I had in the 'fridge, and spooned it into the cutters.
And carefully lifted them away.
Little Fish was suitably impressed. Not impressed enough to actually eat any of it, but impressed enough to poke at it with a fork and whitter for a few minutes.

And then she beetled off into the distance.

And then I found this.
And now I need to give her a bath, and get the Balmex off her wheelchair somehow.


Tina said...

i love the soup molds! Shame littl Fish ws not impressed enough to eat...pureed tractor roast tomorrow?
What is Balmex? I thought it was toothpaste she had as a beard!

Tia said...

It's a nappy rash cream like Sudocreme without the lavender.


Doorless said...

We have Balmex here in the States. Great stuff!
I was hoping it was toothpaste!!!
She is a busy one! Glad she didn't get it on the suit case!!!
I am sorry about the biscuit thing. I thought you were very creative though.

Tia said...

LOL we don't have Balmex here hence Tina's confusion - I brought some back with me in April.



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