Sunday, 5 October 2008

Why Mummy

Mummy, why me not eat it?

Because you can't chew properly.

Why Mummy?

Because your mouth doesn't work properly.

Why my mouth not work Mummy?

Because your brain is in the wrong place and the bit which gets messages to your mouth is all squashed.

Why my brain quash Mummy?

Because before you were born, before you were even a little tiny baby, you grew a bit differently to most people.

Why Mummy?

I don't know sweetheart.

Why I born Mummy?

All babies are born, Little Fish. They grow inside a mummy's tummy, and then they come out into the world to meet everyone.

I grow in your tummy, Mummy?

No, you grew in Mummy Lisa's tummy.


Because that's where you were planted.

You come why I borned?

No, when you were born, you were very very poorly, and you had to stay in hospital for a long time and have some operations. People thought you might die.

Why Mummy?

Because you were very poorly. But you didn't die, you got better.

Why I get better?

Because the doctors and nurses helped you.

And you Mummy?

I didn't know you then, sweetheart.

Why Mummy?

Because I didn't. I was waiting for a little baby, and you were waiting for me, and we didn't know each other. You went to stay with Auntie Nellie, remember?

Why Mummy?

Because she liked to look after little babies until they could find their Mummies.

Why Mummy?

Because it's a nice thing to do.

I Mummy's baby?

Yes you are.

And Mog Mummy? Little Fish and Mog and Mummy and Goldie?

That's right.

Why I Mummy's baby?

Because I love you very much, and you love me.

And Mog.

Yes, and Mog.

Mummy, Mummy, why I not eat dat?

And round and round we go again.

Anyone care to explain Spina Bifida, Arnold Chiari Malformation, and Adoption to a 3 year old with learning disabilites?



Tina said...

They allsound prettynormalyear old questions to me! Well not posibly those questions ofmost 3 year olds but perfectly normal in her context of the world.
Who woulever have thought of LittleFish being able to get her head round forming those questons a few months ago?
Hugs to you though cause they are not easy to answer!

Robyn said...

i would try but i reckon you could handle it better
the fact she is asking..tells me her xx

Toitoise said...

We're having similar conversations at our house with Minnow, who wants to know why LF and Mog didn't grow in your tummy and why LF's legs don't work. A bit different when it's about someone else though. We also get asked why Grandma and Grandfather don't live together, why Grandma doesn't love Jesus and whether Grandma is going to heaven... It's hard to explain (even assuming I know the answer), but I think the important thing to her is that she is loved and it's okay to ask the questions, repeatedly, and not whether she understands the answer. I guess three year olds are used to not understanding things. LF knows you love her so she probably feels safe trusting you to do the understanding for the moment.

Doorless said...

Lf sounds like a normal 3 year old child trying to figure out his/her world. Your answers were great. To know she is loved is most important and will get her through all this challenge she must go through. She is blessed and you are too.Hugs

Elinor said...

I think you're doing an excellent job. It's the same in our house. Jordan is relentless but so long as I stick to the facts and always say the same, it's ok.

Becca said...

This is not exactly a helpful response but I think you're doing absolutely brilliantly.

I'm also very seriously not convinced that LF has an intellectual impairment. And that's not a platitude, delays are there but actual impairment? I genuinely don't think so.

Jules said...

I can't imagine a better way to explain than the way you have !!

Can't believe the way little fish is asking either!! WOW..
Total empathy on the repetitive questions....


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